3 Tips for Getting & Staying Motivated in the Heat of Summer

how to get motivatedWe have been feeling the heat here in the Midwest!  With temperatures reaching nearly 100° lately, there has been no doubt that summer is squarely upon us.  The benefits of summer are many, but inducing hyper focus on work is NOT one of them!

Especially if you work from home.

Whether your home is used for work, or to just to pay bills, many people find it difficult to work indoors while it’s gorgeous outside.  If you’ve ever walked into your home office and, upon seeing the growing piles of work, thought “I’ll work later, it’s too nice outside!” than these tips are for you!

1.  You’ve got the right idea; take it outside:  Treat yourself to some work outside.  This is especially true if you are working full or part time from your home office.  The warm summer weather can be distracting.  You might find yourself rushing through paperwork, stacking it in “to-do” piles. Instead of rushing, give yourself a break and spend a long lunch working outside at the patio table.  You’ll nourish yourself inside and out while accomplishing tasks.  And you’ll be less anxious when you do go back inside to your home office. Take advantage of portable projects.  If you can you sit outside with a stack of papers and a paper shredder, then shred to the sound of singing birds!

2.  No need to huddle for heat: Move!  Motivation to exercise during in the dead of winter is hard to come by.  Take advantage of summertime to start an exercise routine.  Studies show that exercising on a work day can greatly improve mood. People who exercise report being calmer and have improved concentration and better time-management skills!  Not ready to start lifting weights or to join a gym?  Use beautiful summer mornings to take a brisk walk.  Taking time to exercise will help you to work faster and to be more organized once you’re back in the office!

3.  If you have a filing system, keep up on it!  Yes, even in the summer:  If you have taken the steps to set up a great filing system, and to organize your home office, don’t let the warm breeze derail all your hard work!  If piles of paper have already stacked up, then schedule an appointment with yourself in your calendar, then keep that appointment.  Schedule the appointment as an opportunity to keep your life in order.  Set goals that are reasonable and easily reached to avoid overwhelm.  For example, commit to clearing your desktop (or at least a part of it) by the end of the appointment.  If you spend a few minutes every day organizing your office, then the job will seem easier!

Summer can be a great season to grow a business or to get organized, and you don’t have to be ‘stuck’ inside and miss out on that great weather!

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One Response to “3 Tips for Getting & Staying Motivated in the Heat of Summer”

  1. Rowena List July 21, 2012 at 12:20 am #

    Summer finally arrived in Vancouver BC and now it is gone. Rain today and rain for the weekend. Yikes!! I have 45 plus people coming for a Bar-B-Q. Yes, I am all ready for it and “organized”. I love to exercise every morning rain or shine. it is the best or I think only way to start the day. It gets the creative juices flowing and your body flowing as well.
    I must say the sun does help with feeling better about life in general.Please do a sun dance for me for Sunday. Hey why do the call it SUNday if we are not guaranteed sun??
    Thank you for sharing Heidi. Love your tips.
    Rowena List recently posted..Organizing Your Inbox: 15 Minutes to FreedomMy Profile

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