A Hiking Checklist for the Warm Weather

checklistHiking can be a great spring, summer, and fall activity!  It gives you the opportunity to see beautiful places, get in shape, and enjoy the company of others.  Hiking can be fun and relaxing, but you need to plan ahead to make sure you and your companions are safe and comfortable. You can achieve this with a hiking checklist.


Plan Ahead Checklist

  • Break in any new shoes, boots, or clothing items you will be using to avoid blistering and rubbing
  • Take a first aid course
  • Label any items that may be easily lost or misplaced with your name and number
  • Research expected weather for the location and duration of your trip (plan extra clothing accordingly)
  • Plan clothing that will protect against sun and poison ivy
  • Apply sunscreen and bug spray
  • Talk to rangers about specific local current concerns
    • Bears
    • Wild Fires
    • Local poisonous spiders/snakes


What to Bring Checklist

  • First aid kit
  • Snake bite kit
  • Bug Spray
  • Sunscreen
  • Water and snacks (don’t ever litter)
  • Protective clothing including a hat
  • Extra socks
  • Your identification
  • Important medical information-in case you would be unable to communicate
  • Camera, extra batteries and memory
  • Bells, or another method to make sure you are making noise to alert bears and other animals you are on the path/in the area

Being prepared for your hiking trip by planning ahead and packing your bag with a checklist will lead to the best experience.  A well planned hike will keep you and your companions safe and happy. A good hiking checklist will keep you hiking for years to come!

Did we miss anything? What do you have on your hiking checklist?

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