A Template for Your Packing Checklist

checklistAre you tired of packing for trips only to discover you have forgotten an important part of an outfit, necessary accessory, or beauty product? Getting ready for a trip can be overwhelming, and it is easy to forget things.  We have all done it.  The problem then becomes if the item is replaceable you need to search out a replacement, and spend the money buying something you already own- and usually at a much higher price than you would like.

For those of you on the search for just the right checklist, who have found every checklist not quite right, here is a travel checklist template just for you! Finish filling out this template and create your perfect checklist.

Packing Template Checklist


Packed Packed Packed
  Toiletries Women’s Clothing Men’s Clothing
Toothbrush/paste Skirts w/tops Suit
Floss Dresses Slacks/Jeans
Shampoo/conditioner Pants/Jeans Dress Shirts
Shaving supplies T-shirts T-shirts
Makeup Stocking/hose Socks (dress/casual)
Deodorant Undergarments Undergarments
Brush/Comb Shoes Shoes
Curling/Flat Iron Belts/accessories Belt
Contact Care Purses Ties
Pajamas Pajamas
Swimsuit Swimsuit
Laptop Health Travel
Phone Prescrip.s (original pkg) Itinerary
Camera Non-Prescriptions Travel Tickets
Chargers Vitamins Passport
Headphones Snacks Driver’s License
Alarm Clock Bandaids/first aid Travel Insurance
Flash Drive Maps/Guides

This checklist will get your template started.  Don’t forget to add personal items to your checklist template to make it work best for you.

What one item have you forgotten on a trip that you will make sure goes on your checklist?

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