A Weekly Cleaning Schedule Checklist

checklistHave you been in this situation before- you thought you were keeping up with your cleaning and then you invited company over looked around and panicked? Sometimes even if we have the best intentions we start letting cleaning chores slide, it is easy to do.  After all there are plenty other things we would rather being doing.

So how do we avoid panicky cleaning that takes the entire day before guests arrive?  Work up a checklist for your cleaning schedule.  If you have a schedule you’re more likely to follow through with chores. Start your checklist today.

There are three main things a schedule checklist needs: the person completing the chore, the day to complete, and the chore. This is an example feel free to tweak it for your home.

Monday Checklist

  • _(chore owner name here)_  Vacuum/Mop Hallways and Stairs
  • _________ Vacuum/Mop Living Room
  • _________ Dust Living Spaces

Tuesday Checklist

  • _________ Change and Wash Sheets from all Beds
  • _________ Pick up Clothing Off Bedroom Floors
  • _________ Straighten Dresser and Closets
  • _________ Dust Bedrooms

Wednesday Checklist

  • _________ Wipe down Bathroom Surfaces
  • _________ Clean Toilet and Sink
  • _________ Clean Shower
  • _________ Mop Bathroom Floor

Thursday Checklist

  • _________ Put Away Laundry in Laundry Room
  • _________ Wipe Down Washing Machines
  • _________ Empty Garbage Cans in Each Room

Friday Checklist

  • _________ Take Things Back to Their “Home”. Collect the Weeks Misplaced Clutter and Take it Back to the Correct Room

Saturday Checklist

  • _________ Toss Expired and Spoiled Food from the Kitchen
  • ________ Wipe Down All Kitchen Surfaces (counters and appliances)
  • ________ Mop Kitchen Floor
  • ________ Wipe Down Kitchen Table and Chairs


I like to assign a room a day, if it works better for you to disperse your tasks differently adjust so you can be successful! For example if you are assigning chores to more than one child and you know they will work better in separate rooms than send one to the kitchen and another to the bedrooms!

Remember if you don’t assign someone to do the chore you will end up doing them all yourself! Good luck with your schedule.

Need Inspiration on what to include on your schedule checklist? Check out these daily and weekly cleaning checklists.



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3 Responses to “A Weekly Cleaning Schedule Checklist”

  1. Jeannie May 30, 2012 at 2:23 am #

    Good list. I so find that having 10 minutes at night to pick up the clutter and return it to the appropriate place/room works really well too. Then you don’t have to look at it the next morning when everyone is rushing around.
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  2. littlewren August 24, 2012 at 5:22 pm #

    This is such a great list! by far the best one I’ve found! Thanks for posting this! Hopefully i can stick to it!

  3. House Cleaning Austin January 26, 2013 at 6:14 am #

    I feel like I’m constantly chasing everything that needs to get done, without ever feeling like I’m managing. It’s like a dark, heavy cloud over me at all times.

    I have tried the list thing, but felt like there weren’t enough hours in a day or days in a week to get it all done.

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