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"I recommend this cable management system to all of my clients. I've been running a successful computer-service company for over 10 years and have never recommended a cable organizer before. [With other systems], you have to take the whole thing apart to get access. But with Cable Captures, I get easy access to any individual cord. This cable organizer is my absolute favorite, ever!"

—Bob Fisher of AZ-Techs, IT Specialist, Computer Services LLC

"Great cable management system! Does the job."

— Ken from New Jersey

"This computer cable management system has completely eliminated the mess of tangled cords in my home office. They work great, are easy to use and I have been recommending them to friends."

— Cindy, Mom of 3

"I have organized many peoples' home offices and have tried just about every cord and cable organizer on the market. Cable Captures are my favorite by far. This computer cable management system is easy to use, an efficient use of space, inexpensive, and solve every messy cord and cable tangle problem I've seen."

—Heidi DeCoux, Professional Organizer

"This computer cable management system is working great for me. Thank you."

— Aaron from Pittsburgh

"My daughter tipped over a soda which spilled on all of cords behind our entertainment center. These cable organizers made it easy to clean up. I just took them off the cords and ran them through the dishwasher, then put them back on."

— Tom from Oregon

"I have a cable organizer on almost every electronic in our house and I have the computer cable management system under my desk at work. These organizers work great and I really like the cable management system! I couldn't be happier and will definitely recommend them to friends and co-workers."

— John from Minnesota

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