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well behaved kids

Tips for Being a Happy Parent with Happy Kids

Would you like to have happier children and feel like a successful and happy parent? Could you benefit from spending 45 minutes learning from the top experts in the world on happiness and parenting? My colleague Beth Spicer has brought together 21 of the world’s top experts to share their stories, strategies and wisdom with […]

Productivity system

Revolutionary Productivity System

My friend Nisha wrote a beautiful blog post (she does that frequently!) about living life in a delightful state of mind, and taking time to PLAY! 

Nisha (pictured here in orange) listed out the top 70 things that delight her – a little exercise we should all do. If you look at Nisha’s list you’ll […]

how to make money selling your stuff

How to Make Money De-Cluttering Your Home

There is an added bonus to clearing out your clutter — you can quickly and easily cash in on it! You read that right, your clutter is worth money.  In fact, back when I was working one-on-one with clients (as a professional organizer), I found that most people had over $5,000 worth of clutter in […]

How to Go Paperless and Live in the Cloud

Ready to Go Paperless & Live in the Cloud?

I’ll show you how I run both of my businesses and my life 95% paperless in my brand new program:  The Easy Way to Go Paperless You get FREE instant access to this new program when you purchase the Fast-Filing Method (along with six additional bonuses). You can get the details and purchase the Fast-Filing […]

Perri Kersh

2013 Awards: Top 20 US Based Home Office Organizing Experts

Maintaining an organized home office will make you more efficient, productive and profitable –  The average American burns 55 minutes a day – roughly 12 weeks a year – looking for things they know they own but can’t find.  (Newsweek, 6/7/04) The average [person] spends 400 hours per year searching for paper documents.  (Datapro/Gartner Group) 48% of American executives admit to […]

happiest people on the planet

What We Can Learn from the Happiest People on the Planet

The people of Denmark once again topped the charts as the happiest people on earth.  Americans ranked 23rd. Interestingly, Danes own and consume less than half as much stuff as Americans.  The average home size in Denmark is 1,184 square feet while in the US it’s 2,330.  On average, a US home has 350,000 items […]

How to organize home for baby

Are You a New or Expecting Mama?

Are you pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant? If yes, come to The Empower Your Pregnancy Online Conference! It’s a one of a kind FREE virtual conference being hosted by This event is designed to educate mama’s on All Things Pregnancy & Birth! I am one of the 10 featured guest speakers at the event. […]

Unique Holiday Gift Ideas

7 Ways to Stress Less, Spend Less, and Enjoy More this Holiday Season

Let’s spend a moment considering who you buy gifts for each year and why you buy those people gifts. Last year, you probably purchased each gift for one of these three reasons. •    To show your appreciation.  For example, to thank your child’s teacher or your neighbor. •    To show your love.  You want your […]

how to bend time

How to Fix a Cluttered Home & Life

I just got back from a FUN business trip in Wilkes-Barre PA.  I was there for my other business  – – working on a client project with another agency. I enjoy traveling for work.  I just wish the unpacking and laundry process was as easy as the packing process!  I keep a laminated packing […]

home organization

3 Tips for Getting & Staying Motivated in the Heat of Summer

We have been feeling the heat here in the Midwest!  With temperatures reaching nearly 100° lately, there has been no doubt that summer is squarely upon us.  The benefits of summer are many, but inducing hyper focus on work is NOT one of them! Especially if you work from home. Whether your home is used […]