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How to Bend Time So You Have More Of It

How to Bend Time So You Have More Of It

I’m in sunny San Diego at an incredibly fun Internet marketing conference.  The sunshine and sun dresses are making me not want to head home to the east coast tomorrow. One thing I am looking forward to though, is the plane ride home.  No I’m not crazy, we’ll maybe I am, but not because I […]

Higher Brain Living Review

The Coolest Thing I’ve Ever Seen

Before I share with you the coolest thing I’ve ever seen, I’ll give you a quick update on the busy and WILD six months I’ve had. (And, real quick!  If you’re on my email list, watch your Inbox. I’ll be sending out an exclusive video that shows you my #1 tip for being efficient and […]

Productivity system

Revolutionary Productivity System

My friend Nisha wrote a beautiful blog post (she does that frequently!) about living life in a delightful state of mind, and taking time to PLAY! 

Nisha (pictured here in orange) listed out the top 70 things that delight her – a little exercise we should all do. If you look at Nisha’s list you’ll […]

how to supercharge your energy

How to Supercharge Your Energy + Get in Shape in Under 30 Minutes a Day

We started the new year with lofty goals to get in shape or to eat healthy.  By spring, many of us will have given up on most of our goals!  Some of us will feel defeated, while some of us will feel relieved! Instead of setting lofty goals that are bound to fail, set a […]

How You Can Use Your Birthday to Do Good with Charity Water

How You Can Use Your Birthday to Do Good

What would it be like if you and every one in your family didn’t have access to clean water? Most of us can’t even imagine that. And because of a very cool non-profit, called Charity Water, in my lifetime every human on our planet will have access clean water – if Charity Water reaches it’s […]


A Template for Your Packing Checklist

Are you tired of packing for trips only to discover you have forgotten an important part of an outfit, necessary accessory, or beauty product? Getting ready for a trip can be overwhelming, and it is easy to forget things.  We have all done it.  The problem then becomes if the item is replaceable you need […]


Fall Cleaning Checklist Must Dos

You have mastered a weekly, even daily, cleaning checklist.  You rocked your spring cleaning checklist– you’ve got it covered right? Almost! Check out our Fall Cleaning Checklist! Yep that is right fall cleaning.  In the fall your goal is to prepare for your home to be closed up and for the onslaught of winter weather.  […]


Your Full House Cleaning Checklist

Room by Room Checklists You’ve decided to clean your house top to bottom.  Where do you start? The list can be overwhelming.  The checklist will walk you through a full deep clean of your home.  Tackling this project yourself? Enlist the help of your family, some of these chores can easily be tackled by kids.  […]


A Weekly Cleaning Schedule Checklist

Have you been in this situation before- you thought you were keeping up with your cleaning and then you invited company over looked around and panicked? Sometimes even if we have the best intentions we start letting cleaning chores slide, it is easy to do.  After all there are plenty other things we would rather […]


A Complete Weekly Cleaning Checklist

Some cleaning tasks should be done every day, some every week, every month, and some needed to be handled once or twice a year during our BIG cleaning times.  It is hard to keep it all straight without a checklist.  Did you wash the sheets this week? Or was that last week?  In busy households […]