Fall Cleaning Checklist Must Dos

checklistYou have mastered a weekly, even daily, cleaning checklist.  You rocked your spring cleaning checklist– you’ve got it covered right? Almost!

Check out our Fall Cleaning Checklist!

Yep that is right fall cleaning.  In the fall your goal is to prepare for your home to be closed up and for the onslaught of winter weather.  This means the things you are going to concentrate on are a little different than in the spring when you are opening up your house from a long hibernation.

Outside of Your Home Checklist

  • Consider scheduling regular roof and siding maintenance – make sure you have dealt with any loose/peeling shingles and possible leaks
  • Wash the exterior of your home
  • Check your windows – repair caulking, if your windows require extra plastic sealing do that before the temps fall to low
  • Clean out your gutter and downspouts
  • Clean your grill and store
  • Clean outdoor furniture and store
  • Clean and store summer lawn equipment such as lawnmowers, weed whackers, etc.
  • Empty and store garden hoses
  • Wash and store porch furniture
  • Move winter equipment (snow blower, ice scraper, etc.) to the more accessible areas of your garage- push summer equipment to the back
  • Stock deicer
  • Prepare garden beds for the freeze
  • Asses your trees to see if they need pruning or to be removed – it is important to get your stump removal taken care of before the ground freezes (if you live in a cold climate), and plan your spring Raleigh tree planting.

Home Utilities Checklist

  • Schedule furnace maintenance
  • Buy furnace filters for the winter
  • Sweep out fireplace – schedule regular maintenance and cleaning
  • Check smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms
  • Check flashlights batteries for power outages. Create an emergency kit with candles, an extra flashlight, and batteries

Now progress through your deep clean activities as you would in the spring. Remember once the windows get closed for the winter and the snow starts to fly your stuck inside with all of that dirt and gunk stuck under couches, behind appliances, and up in the fans.  Do yourself a favor and give it the boot before the temps start to fall!

What is a specific fall cleanup item that goes on your checklist?

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