How to Get Other People to Follow YOUR Organizing Systems

how to get others to follow your organizing systemsIn order to stay organized, you need to have systems and processes in place that support you and will keep you on track.  But what do you do when other people in your household or office do not follow your new systems?

I have found that this is a common frustration.  You spend time and energy getting organized and setting up a great system or process that will help you stay organized.   Now, how do you get the other people in your household or office to follow your new organizing system?

In the video below I share with you the only solution that I have found that works.

Curious the Fast-Filing Method is?  Click here.

What systems and processes are you putting in place to keep you organized and make your life easier?  I want to hear about them!  Leave me a comment below.

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  1. Beverlee DeCoux October 8, 2011 at 7:55 pm #

    I always read your emails and have benefitted from many of your organizing ideas. Thank you! My sister, Dar, was just mentioning one of your ideas about retaining only things you have used in so many months.

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