How to Have a Stress-Free Summer

Jessica Wood, Heidi DeCouxIn my part of the world, spring has sprung, and everyone is busy planning their summer outings.

Last Sunday, we spent the day hiking around a state park with friends (my friend Jessica and I are pictured here).  It was fun to be outside in nature breathing the fresh air, soaking up sunlight, and getting rejuvenated.

In the name of fun and stress-free outings, we just added a bunch of new checklists to our little Checklist Vault.  You’ll find checklists for:

  • packing for a picnic
  • hiking and backpacking
  • your babysitter
  • and many more.

We found these useful for our recent trip.  Check them out at:

Bookmark the Checklists page on your computer so that you can refer to them anytime.  Share them with your friends on Facebook!  Spread the love.

Are there any additional checklists that you would like to see in the vault?  Leave your ideas in the comments below.

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