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Heidi DeCouxMy name is Heidi DeCoux and I am mostly known as a P.O.P. Consultant, which stands for: Productivity, Organization & Profitability.

My journey to becoming an organizer and productivity coach

It started out in high school. As my part-time high school job, I worked as an assistant for my best friend’s mom, Diane.

She had a thriving real estate business, was the head of everything at our school and church, extremely involved in the community, and when it comes to entertaining she is essentially the “Martha Stewart” of Minnesota.

At 5am you will typically find her whipping up special concoctions in the kitchen to put on her gardens — she has some of the best gardens, rose bushes and hydrangeas in the state. And in the winter months she will be attending to the garland and evergreens or making up a batch of mulled cinnamon cider. After that it’s back-to-back showings, PTA & committee meetings, volunteering, planning the weekend dinner party, sewing costumes and other goodies for her kids, and so on.

As you can imagine, she has more to do and handle in a day than ANYONE could actually do and handle, even her.

My job was to help make sure all of her balls stayed in orbit. I delivered thank you gifts to her clients, cleaned and organized the house, ran errands, organized her papers and files and whatever else needed to get done.

My junior year she moved offices and was waaayy to busy to get her new office organized, so I took care of that for her. Other realtors in the office took note of the organizing systems I put in place for her and asked me to stop by their office to help them out.

I continued to get requests from other people, so I started calling myself a “helper” and would do little organizing projects on request.

High school graduation came, I moved to the city and went on to school for something completely unrelated to organizing, but I continued to work as a “helper” and as a nanny as my “college job”.

Fast-forward several years, I was working for a commercial real estate developer – he referred to me as his “Girl Friday”. He owned several businesses and I helped with the management, marketing, billing, payroll, customer service and HR. All the while, I still had people calling me and requesting my help with projects, so when I had time I would do some moonlighting as a “helper”.

I was getting burned out in my job as “Girl Friday” and wanted to do something I loved and was passionate about. So I did what most of us do – started an Internet search.

Voila! I found the National Association of Professional Organizers. I discovered there are other weird people like me in the world AND they have a name – Professional Organizer!

I’ll never forget that day.

I instantly knew that THAT was what I wanted to do. I created a plan and walked into my boss’s office to give my notice. He was in the middle of the biggest project of his life and of course I would not leave him high and dry, so I put in a 6-month notice. I don’t think he actually believed I would leave in six months, but I did remind him every month or so.

I hired and trained three people to replace me. Then I secured a job in the organizing industry which had flexible hours and would provide me a steady income while I built my business. I worked as a designer for California Closets and it gave me invaluable experience.

In less than two years I was able to leave my job at California Closets and focus on my business full-time. Here I am several years later running Clear Simple Living and loving it!

I might be biased, but I am pretty sure that I have THE BEST customers and clients on the planet. This is a community of heart-centered people that are simplifying, organizing and loving their life.

Thank you for being here and I invite you to join this community of amazing people. Start by getting your free home organization e-Kit. You will get a complimentary subscription to my e-magazine Life Made Simple, which comes out once a month.


Some Personal Details

I grew up in Northfield, MN.

My dad is my inspiration. When I was little, he would say to me “As you grow up, I don’t care what you become as long as you are happy. That’s all I want for you.”

When I began my business, my dad began occasionally sending me copies of an inspiring column by Havey Mackay*. The word “inspiration” comes from the Latin word for “to breathe life into”. My dad gave me life, and he continues to give me life. His love for me gives me the energy to pursue my dreams, and for that I am grateful. I understand that not everyone gets the privilege of having a dad as great as mine.

In addition to being a P.O.P. Consultant and the owner of Clear Simple Living, I started a boutique marketing firm (at the request of my P.O.P. Consulting clients) called Clear Simple Marketing.

I am passionate about helping people like you:

* Accomplish more in less time

* Have an organized home & life

* GAIN peace of mind

While I am known for my expertise in productivity, organization & profitability, my client’s will tell you that the biggest impact comes from my philosophy:

“When you are productive, organized, and running a profitable business that you love, you have the power to follow your life’s purpose and live your best life.”

In my opinion, this is the most important key to transforming our planet:

Imagine a world in which we each live our best life.

You can check out my line of organization and productivity products at:

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You can check out my boutique marketing firm at:

Clear Simple Marketing

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