My All Time Favorite Organizing & Productivity Tool – Evernote Review

Evernote ReviewIf you have a busy life, love to be organized, and wonder how you ever survived without a smart phone, there’s an organizing and productivity tool that is going to rock your world!

Maybe you’ve heard of it:  Evernote

If you already use Evernote, check out the second video below.  In that video I take you on a tour of my Evernote and show you how I use it to run my life and businesses.  Also, check out the articles below which offer helpful Evernote tips and tricks that will keep your busy life running smoothly.

If you don’t currently use Evernote, check out the first video below (by my girl-crush Carley) on how it works, and her Evernote review.

Thanks to the smart people at Evernote, gone are the days of sticky notes, half-used notebooks, recipe and article clippings, thick project files, lost travel itineraries, and outdated to-do lists.  Now you can quickly capture all of your information in an organized, cloud-based application.  Access your information in the cloud from your computer, smart phone and other mobile devices, such as your iPad.  PLUS, you can share select information, to-do lists, and projects with your co-workers, family and friends.

Evernote can store and organize anything that you can find on the Internet, photograph from your smart phone, scan, email, type, record, or drag.  It automatically and instantly syncs on all of your devices through the cloud – how cool is that!?!

For example, I keep running lists – one for groceries, and one for Target.  I write them down in Evernote using my laptop.  Evernote automatically syncs with my smart phone so I never have to remember to grab the grocery list, or Target list, on my way out of the house.  If I’ve got my phone, I’ve got my lists.  And if I get a coupon via email, or find one online, I simply “clip it” to my Evernote shopping list.   I’ve got my lists and coupons with me at all times.

I love Evernote.  It’s like having one less thing to remember!  I also love having Evernote mobile on my phone so that I can quickly jot down an idea, take a snapshot of something I want to remember, or check on projects while I am out and about standing in line somewhere.

Evernote Review by Carley

Evernote Review by Heidi

To download the free version of Evernote, click here.

Then check out these helpful articles on more ways to use Evernote to keep your busy life running smoothly:

Evernote for Busy Moms with Businesses

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