Sweet Simplicity – How to Gain Peace of Mind with Art

Guest Post by Candice Simpson

simplicitySweet simplicity. Sometimes itʼs about what we get rid of, and sometimes itʼs about what we acquire. De-cluttering our home and office is a foundation of simplicity.

Another “layer of simplicity” can be brought in through the artwork we choose. The colors, textures, and patterns we surround ourselves with can provide a calming and refreshing resting place for our eyes. This allows our minds to relax and de-clutter, preparing us to meet lifeʼs challenges.

What calmʼs and refreshes us can vary from person to person. Research about color does indicate that some colors tend to have a relaxing effect on the body such as greens, blues, and grays. Less saturated colors are more calming to most people. Like a gentle breeze on a summer day, nature themes and colors in artwork can bring in a subtle reminder to just breathe and find joy in the simple pleasures of life.

If you crave simplicity, bring it into your life by bringing it into your space. Have it reflected in the artwork you choose to enjoy every day!

About the Author:

My name is Candice Simpson and my work is about simplicity and clarity. It’s about experiencing the simple joys of life, joys that can belong to us no matter what: a breeze, a shadow, the way light shimmers on a leaf. To me, these are moments of clean and clear ecstasy. Like breathing, those pieces of life are crucial to my existence, part of my healing, and necessary for my hope and faith. It’s my desire to share this with others.

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