Systematize Your Life + Business

Are you drowning in the day-to-day operations of your business?

Do you need more time to focus on your BIG ideas and revenue-generating projects?

Do you spend to much time spinning your wheels and not enough time accomplishing the important stuff?

Do you feel like you have attention deficit disorder?

Do you wish your business and your life was more automated and streamlined?

If you answered YES to any of those questions, you’re in the right place!

Hi, I would like to introduce you to Heidi DeCoux. She is the previous owner of Clear Simple Living and would like to share some valuable insight into getting your business back.

“Hi everyone, I’m Heidi DeCoux and am now currently running a marketing firm called Clear Simple Marketing.

When I started my first business, it was a little side business that I worked on while also working a full-time day job. After spending a couple of years growing my little business, I finally got the courage to quit my day job.

I realized quickly that in order to bring in enough revenue every month to pay my bills,

  • EITHER I needed to work around the clock,
  • OR I needed to reduce the time I spent on minutia andon inefficient efforts so that I could spend more time on revenue-generating activities and working with clients

What would you chose?

Obviously, I chose to reduce the minutia and inefficient effort!

And I did it by streamlining, automating, and systematizing EVERYTHING in my business and life!

After a while, I got so good at systematizing and automating that a few years later when I got the idea to start Clear Simple Marketing (CSM), I could do it while still running Clear Simple Living (the website you are on right now), fulfilling on my volunteer commitments, and managing the rental properties that I own – all at the same time.

Since I started CSM two and half years ago, we’ve grown exponentially. We started as a one-woman show and have grown to a staff of 13 people, plus a handful of on-call freelancers.

The three biggest things I attribute our success to are:

1. Systematizing

2. Automating

3. Leveraging Technology

Want to Know How I Did It?

In this online program, I will show you how to

  • smooth out your business
  • organize your life

by putting systems and process into place.


Effective systems simplify your life and business. They take the guesswork out of tasks. They ensure things are done consistently, reliably, completely, and drama-free.

Systems free your mind from day-to-day chaos and let you focus on The Now so you can Do Your Thing. And when you’re in The Now and you Do Your Thing, your year of stunning success is bound to happen.

-Jenny Shih


You’ll discover

  • the most effective techniques for processing paper and email
  • how to leverage technology to maximize your productivity
  • strategies that save you from that feeling of A.D.D!
  • work less and earn more!

Systematizing frees you up to focus on revenue-generating activities instead of getting bogged down by minutia and inefficient processes – which means you will work less and earn more!

You’ll get an exclusive inside look into my businesses and my life. I’ll show you the exact systems and tools I use, and I’ll show you how I use them.

In this online program I will show you how to put systems and processes in place that will get your business and life organized and running smoothly. You’ll discover the most effective techniques for processing paper and email, how to leverage technology to maximize your productivity, and strategies that help save you from ADD!

You’ll get an exclusive inside look into my businesses and life. You’ll get see the exact systems and tools I use and how I use them.

You’ll Get an Inside Look At

  • How I get my email inbox to zero (or almost zero) everyday
  • My simple, but effective, light-weight folder system for email
  • How I keep track of the hundreds of logins and passwords I need to operate both of my businesses and my life (literally hundreds!)
  • My system for organizing all of my travel itineraries for both business and pleasure
  • How I manage a staff of 13 people
  • How we manage 150+ clients
  • My top time-saving techniques
  • How I maintain an almost paperless home and office by utilizing the cloud
  • How I manage my home life + rental properties + volunteer commitments
  • How I’ve systematized almost everything in order to maximize my efficiency


If you want to increase your income while reducing your workload, you’ve got to be efficient.

efficiency = the ability to accomplish a job with a minimum expenditure of time, effort and/or resources.

When you are efficient are fully maximize your time and resources. And to be efficient, you must systematize. As Business Coach Extraordinaire, Erika Lyremark, says:

“Systematize to maximize!

Systematize to maximize!

Systematize to maximize!”

Ready, set, let’s systematize!

This is an online program that features an on-demand workshop and downloadable handouts. I designed this program in a way that allows you to go through it and implement it VERY quickly – which gets you FAST results!

You’ll get INSTANT ACCESS to your backstage pass tour of my life and businesses!


Module #1 — How to Get Your Email Inbox to ZERO + A Very Cool NEW Email Tool I’m Using

Module #2 —Email Systems for Business & Personal

Module #3 — Managing Your Calendar & An Inside Look at How I Manage Mine

Module #4 — Managing Travel Schedule + Favorite Travel Apps

Module #5 — Creating & Managing Shopping Lists

Module #6 — Managing Logins + Passwords

Module #7 — System for Keeping a Clean + Organized Home

Module #8 — How I Run an Almost Paperless Life

Module #9 — Organizing Your Desktop (Computer Files)

Module #10 — Managing Projects – both Personal + Business

Module #11 — Managing Contacts + Business Cards

Module #12 — Business Operations + SOP’s + Managing Staff

Module #13 — Client Sessions + Recordings + Audio File Hosting

Module #14 — Client Intake System

Module #15 — Goal Tracking System

Module #16 — Creating Screen Capture Videos + Hosting Videos

Module #17 — System for Hiring Staff

Module #18 — System for Training New Staff, Hosting Virtual Meetings, and Dismissing Staff

money back guarantee


You get a 100% Money-Back Guarantee. As with all of our programs, we give you a 60-day money-back guarantee. If the material in Systematize Your Life + Biz does not meet your expectations, simply send an email to Jen@ClearSimpleMarketing within 60-days and we will give you 100% of your money back.



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