The Birthday Party Checklist for One to Ninety-Nine




Celebrating birthdays with friends can be fun from one to ninety-nine!  If you want to have a successful party start with a birthday party checklist.  A lot more goes into a birthday party then blowing up a handful of balloons and picking up a birthday cake at the grocery store on the way home, but it doesn’t have to be hard!  Follow this checklist to get started!


Party Checklist


  • Choose a Theme
  • Choose a Date and Time
  • Put Together a Guest List
  • Send Out Invitations (paper or electronic) include a RSVP
  • Plan out Games for Your Party using Your Theme
    • Create a time schedule for your party
    • Create a supplies list for your activities
  • Plan Out Your Food
    • Make a grocery list
    • Make ahead and freeze food if possible
  • Plan for Your Cake (whether you are ordering or making your own)
  • Follow up with Guests who have not RSVP’d
  • Finish all of your Shopping for the Party
  • Decorate Your Party Space
  • Finish Last Minute Food Preparations
  • Double Check Your Cameras to Make Sure You Have Plenty of Battery and Memory Space


Now you are ready for a super successful birthday bash!  You can personalize this birthday checklist based on whether you are having a child’s party or an adult birthday party!

What do you always include on your birthday party checklist?

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