Your Checklist for a Perfectly Prepared Day Backpacking

checklistWhen you head out into the wilderness for a great backpacking trip one of the big things to keep in mind is, if you forget it you’ll have to deal without it.  Unlike other day or longer trips there will be no easy way to run out and replace the item you forgot to pack.  And as an added incentive to pack well forgetting say extra socks in case yours get wet, will make you much more uncomfortable than forgetting to bring your curling iron to the hotel.  Keeping that in mind here is your ESSENTIALS checklist.

Your Mad Backpacking Skills Checklist:

These are the skills you should bring along with you, or acquire before you set off on a backpacking trip.

  • Know how to make a fire
  • Know how to cook over the fire you make
  • Know how to layer to stay warm
  • Know how to navigate with a map and GPS
  • Know how to read the weather.  Is that a storm rolling in?
  • Know how to build a shelter or pitch your tent correctly
  • Know what wild plants you can and can’t eat in an emergency
  • Know about the local wildlife
  • Know your best footwear and how to best handle the terrain you will be backpacking in
  • Know first aid

Your Absolute Essentials Backpacking Checklist:

Going on a day trip this is the checklist you’ll need.

  • Food, pack extra food
  • Water, pack extra water
  • Clothing to layer in case temperature drops
  • Clear readable maps
  • Supplies to make a fire
  • GPS or a compass
  • Flashlight
  • An all-in-one pocket knife tool
  • Skin protection from the sun. Hat, sunscreen, ect
  • Your first aid gear
  • Extra batteries for any of your tools that require them

These checklists should help you get started planning for your next backpacking trip.  This checklist is the perfect place to go for a day trip. Remember if you don’t remember it, you won’t have it!  Going on a more extensive backpacking trip? Look for more extensive checklists on the clothing items and supplies you’ll need!

What is one your backpacking checklist that didn’t make ours?

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