Your Daily Cleaning Checklist

checklistKeeping your home clean can seem like an impossible challenge.  Tasks build up to an impossible level and it is hard to get yourself motivated to start the long checklist of cleaning to-dos.  You can keep your home cleaner, and your stress level down, by completing some basic checklist EVERYDAY.  When you keep up on your daily tasks the big cleaning tasks will seem less insurmountable.

Bedroom Checklist

  • Make your bed- Even a quick job will leave your room feeling more organized and clean.
  • Put away laundry- Dirty laundry lying on the floor and clean water in stacks can leave your room feeling cluttered.  Throw clothes in a basket or down the chute.  Fold up or hang clothes not ready to be washed.

Kitchen Checklist

  • Start the day by emptying a your dishwasher
  • Fill and run the dishwasher every night.
  • Wash any dishes left in your sink.  Dishes left in the sink are not only an attraction for bugs and stain, they are a mental drain.  A big pile of yesterday’s mess!
  • Wipe down the sink after you’ve washed your dishes
  • Wipe down your counters and stovetop- make this part of your routine after dishes or dinner cleanup
  • Wipe up spills on your floor as they happen

Bathroom Checklist

  • Wipe down your sink, mirror, and counter you can use your after shower towel before throwing it down the chute
  • Wipe down or squeegee glass shower doors

Living Room Checklist

  • Sort mail
    • Recycle junk mail
    • File important paperwork
    • Organize your action mail
    • Clear the big clutter- put away toys and other large items that don’t belong
    • Fold up throw blankets and put pillows back in place

Completing small tasks as you go about your day can help you feel more in control of your cleaning chaos. If you work at incorporating these tasks into your daily routine you’ll be able to finish your checklist without even trying, then when it comes time to do your big clean you will be ahead of the game!

 What do you keep on your daily cleaning checklist?

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